Brand Management Solutions

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Brand Management Services

Developing a close relationship with your customer base is essential. Incorrect colors, inconsistent lighting, poor material choices and underwhelming installation practices, can have a negative effect on signage and ultimately, your brand’s image. Integrated Image has the resources and experience to ensure that the message you are sending is the absolute best it can be.

Some common signage challenges our corporate customers experience are:

  • Difficulty with franchisees adhering to signage standards
  • How to capitalize your signage program / budget
  • Navigating the complex world of local sign ordinances
  • Multiple vendors fabricating to different standards
  • Inadequate installation and safety practices
  • Development of specification guidelines
  • Vendor management issues

Image Development

Our design team will progress your brand by creating highly successful signage. We develop interior and exterior signage solutions that create the brand recognition and the customer experience vital to brick and mortar locations. By providing 2D and 3D renderings and high end photographic manipulation you will see the implementation of your brand in real world conditions.

Specification Guides

Guidelines showing the signage family, correct proportions, color usage, lighting, and installation intent are essential tools in the branding process. By arming your company’s Real Estate, Construction and Operations with clear and precise guidelines you can help ensure brand consistency across multiple locations.

Our Brand Management Team will direct this process, working as an extension of your staff, to create a Specification Guide specific to your brand and objectives.

Brand Book Development

We work with corporate clients providing Brand Book Development for both internal and external use. A clean and accurate site specific brand book is necessary for Peer Review, Budget Development, landlord Approval, Permitting and Pricing.

Proper Brand Book Development considers Client Objectives, Signage Specification Guidelines, Surveys of Existing Conditions and thorough Permit and landlord Due Diligence. We pride ourselves in knowing that the Brand Books we develop meet all the necessary requirements, ultimately saving our Clients time and money.

Material Specifications

Improvements in LED Technology, Plastics, Vinyl Films and Digital Printing techniques are continuously being advanced. Brands that don’t monitor these trends find that their signage is not only out of date, but underperforming and costing unnecessary capital.

When you team with us, we are your advocate. We leverage our relationship with industry suppliers to make certain that proper performing products are specified and program pricing is being put in place. The result is an increase in overall signage value for our clients.

Signage Studies & Evaluations

Determining the proper height and location of signage as well as examining traffic patterns, municipality requirements and surrounding signage is critical when helping Real Estate select potential locations.

We can work directly with your Real Estate, Construction, and Facility Teams to arm them with the information needed to make educated decisions.

Due Diligence & Permit Procurement

Proper municipality Due Diligence is a critical component of project planning. Construction schedules can quickly fall off the tracks when unexpected delays in approvals or rejections occur.

At Integrated Image, we understand the importance of proper Due Diligence as well as navigating the often overly complex world of local sign ordinances and landlord requirements. We develop a client specific Due Diligence report, highlighting signage objectives and develop an understand of the requirements that affect the implementation of your brand.

Vendor Management

When we become a champion of your brand we assume ownership over your signage program. We work with existing vendors to ensure that all your signage is being built to consistent specifications and you receive consistent pricing.

This is particularly beneficial to organizations that have a large franchisee network. We can work with the franchisee to provide brand guidance throughout the signage process.

RFP Preparation & Management

Preparing for a large RFP can be a difficult process. Specifications need to be gathered and defined, component program pricing needs to be identified, goals need to be set and the proper participants need to be vetted. We work to bridge the gap between Procurement and Operations in identifying hard product costs as well as the variable costs associated with installations.

We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to help organize and manage your RFP. Our goal is to match our customers with the vendors that provide the desired price point and can execute the work.